Nature ruthlessly gives and takes

It became really quickly cold in the altitude when the sun set, so I spent some hours alone in my sleeping bag, with enough time to think (I was quite happy that I was alone in the bag – it didn’t need more than one pair of smelly feet. Though another body in there would make it a bit warmer..). Well, back to the point; it is truly fascinating how people in many of the rural villages rely on nature. You don’t have to walk far of the beaten track before you find villages that are truly rural and hidden.

Bihi Pehdi, October 2016
Many live as we did in the west over a hundred years ago. No electricity, no running water, and living of what the earth can provide. But nature is rough. The earthquake that struck Nepal in 2015 killed nearly 9000 human beings, the monsoon in 2016 created landslides that took lives, houses and livestock and each winter the temperature and snow makes life even harder. Nature ruthlessly gives and takes. 

On the path up Nubri-valley, October 2016

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