Cape Town

Cape Town is fascinating. It’s such a mixed city with extreme poverty, people too rich for their own good, tourist-attractions where you hear every language in the world, and so much important history.

Cape Town, and all of South Africa, has a history that is important to know, for everyone. Not only if you’re living or traveling here. It is important to know as a world-citizen. History of discrimination, of hate, of unfairness, of oppression.

There are a lot of things in Cape Town that you “have” to see, like Table Mountain and Robben Island. The view over the city from 1000 meter over the sea is really beautiful. The history of Robben Island, about the prison, about all the prisoners; of course including Nelson Mandela, is eye-opening and rewarding. These are just two of few that we managed to make time for.

View from Table Mountain over Cape Town. 25/09/15
View from Table Mountain over Cape Town. 25/09/15

While walking in the city-center I tried to get lost (please don’t tell the others..), and we ended up in an awesome market. My friend, who lives in the city, took us to the huge stadium for a big soccergame and later to Long Street, in which I fell in love.
When walking the touristic areas of Cape Town, you might find yourself feeling like you’re in a city in the west. The city has had great influence through colonialism, and also through tourism. My impression is that this is half of the picture. South Africa is still a third-world country. Discrimination, corruption and economic struggles creates big differences between people. Apartheid still lingers. Almost 14% of the population is illiterate. If you open your eyes, and look past the western impression it’s easy to see. And it’s important to see.

View from Table Mountain. 25/09/15
View from Table Mountain. 25/09/15

I spent two whole days in Cape Town. It’s nothing. I’ll write a better review after I go back, cause I’m most definitely going back. I’ve gathered several cities in the world where I would like to live, and Cape Town is one of them.



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