With no plan

At the start of our interrail-trip I thought that I would be writing posts about every place and adventure that we encountered. But I fast realized that being off-line, not always sharing everything, made the travels more beautiful. We traveled with a peace of mind. With no plan. With limited internet and outside-world connection.

Its quite hard to write something spesific about our trip right now; I havent landed in a sense, and we experienced so many amazing things that its hard to choose what to write about. Through the cities and villages we visited we had no real plan where to go or what to do there. We had no travel-book. No maps. No hostel-bookings. Just our backpacks and our tickets. We were completely free with no obligations or responsibilities. We often ended up leaving our luggage in the trainstation and then just walking around with no aim, and then went back and collected it when (and if) we found a place to sleep.

Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy. 14/07/15
Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy. 14/07/15

Everything always works out. In South France we lost our train and had no place to sleep, so we hitched to the nearest city. While searching for a park to sleep in, in Italy, we were invited to a party and ended up dancing and night-swimming instead of sleeping. When the hostel was full, we were invited to sleep on a floor in a dorm-room. People are so nice and open-minded, I am amazed.

One of the things that I really love about the big cities of Europe, is the “hippie-areas”. In every city this is where we ended up either sleeping og just walking for hours and hours. Almost everywhere we went we found flea-markets, secondhand-stores, tonns of bio and veggie food and of course really, really cool people. I have been so dirty, stinky, had so bad blisters on my feet that I had to walk barefoot for two whole days. I have been warm, cold, happy, angry, sad, disappointed, we have fought like sister (since we are infact sisters), and we have smiled and laughed so much. In just two weeks we have experienced more than I would have immagined.

A narrow street somewhere in Barcelona, Spain. 09/07/15
A narrow street somewhere in Barcelona, Spain. 09/07/15

Surfing and yoga in Ericeira, seafood and portwine in Lisbon, dancing and amazing food in Madrid, biking and secondhand-shopping in Barcelona, seaside-relaxing in Cerberé, hitching in Perpignan, African singing and dancing in Marseille, night-swimming in Ventimiglia, sightseeing in Cinque Terre and finally bigcity-life in Milan. This does not even sum up half of it. This is one of the best trips of my life. Till now, at least.

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