A night at the airport

Im spending the night at the airport. My flight leaves for Lisbon at six in the morning, and the trains does not leave that early. Im laying on the floor with my head on my backpack, but eventhough the floor is hard and Im getting a bit hungry, Im so happy. At this time tomorrow I will be in Ericeira, Portugal, with my sister. We are going on a yoga and surf retreat for five days, and then doing interrail through Spain, France and back to Italy. Im so exited!!

At Venezia Marco Polo
At Venezia Marco Polo
Staying in the airport is part of the trip. It makes me feel tierd and bored, yes – but also happy that I am able to book a cheap ticket and face the “side-effects” of it. That my body is able to sleep (or not so much sleep, but..) on a hard floor and still be able to go surfing tomorrow. That eventhough I will be so tierd tomorrow Im young and healthy, and can survive some time with less sleep. That the fact that the train doesnt leave at the best time isnt an obsticle that troubles me, and Im not afraid of sleeping on a dirty floor surrounded by strangers. These facts makes me glad. The adventure that Im on is what I make it to. If Im positive the experience will be a good one, all parts of it.



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