Finding yourself

In Italy I lived completely alone for the first time of my life. The first week I felt so alone. Alone in a new apartment, alone in a new city, alone in a new country. I though that I had made a mistake leaving Norway, I though that I would not be tough enough to stay for ten weeks. I proved my self wrong. And that is one of the best feelings in the world. I am tough enough. I have met a lot of beautiful people, and I am aware that my friends and family in Norway is just a phonecall away, but there is something about being alone this way. Its scary when its new, like anything can be. And its wonderful, also like anything new can be. Ive never spent this much time together with just my self before, and truly I love it. Ive gotten to know my self, and I like the person that I am! I like me.

2015-06-29 14.16.42

I feel like the qualities in my self that I have though were cool, have become more real. Just in ten weeks I have changed so much, but I have never been more me than now.

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