Goodbye, Udine.

I have finished my studies in Udine, and its officially summer vacation. I am leaving Udine tomorrow, and I have such mixed feelings. The ten weeks I have lived here have passed by so fast. This has been an amazing experience.

San Giacomo, Udine. 20/04/15
San Giacomo, Udine. 20/04/15

When I left Norway I did not imagine that I would make such good friends, fall in love with the city, the culture, and frankly get to know my self. I have been here way to short, and a big part of me wants to stay for much longer. But adventure awaits. Its part of travelling, part of adventures – they adventually end.

Parco Moretti, Udine. 10/05/15
Parco Moretti, Udine. 10/05/15

I will miss my amazing friends, long days in the park, italian icecream, perfect red wine, my bike with flowers in the basket, and the beauty of Italy. But I have so much to look forward to. Surf and yoga retreat in Portugal, interrail, summer in Norway, and moving to South Africa in august. My life is beautiful.



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