Our world is so beautiful

Hiking in the mountains in Volda, Norway. Summer, 2014
Hiking in the mountains in Volda, Norway. Summer, 2014

Our world is so beautiful. Why do we keep destroying if?

It is quite easy to make a small change in our lives, for the environments benefit. Walk or bike instead of taking the car, recycle your garbage, turn of electricity that is not in use, dont litter, eat less meat. These are small changes in life, things you will not even notice after a while. Then why is it so hard?

I often hear “turning of the lights will not make a difference” “why should i when no one else is making changes?” “Its not enough that Im making an effort, so there is no point.” But if everyone does some of these things, it will in fact make a difference. Most importantly; when conserving the environment is something that everyone is concerned about it is easier to promote changes where it really matters. If enough people make a stand, if we tell our leaders that this is important, they have no choice but to listen. If we, as voters, decide that we want our tax-money to contribute to development in research in environmental solutions, to no longer invest in oil, coal and gas, to prevent deforestation in the rainforest, to secure better public transport and facilitating for biking, to make ecologic food cheaper, instead of the chicken. If we all realize how important this is, and pressure our governments, million-dollar companies and others with power, we can make a change. We could secure that our money and potential is used to find new solutions, that will help our mother-earth rather than destroying her. We are the ones who give them power.

Give the earth a thought during your day. Is it not the reason you are here, the reason you eat, drink and breath? Does it not deserve something in return?


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