The beauty of Venice

2015-05-30 15.53.50
Gondola in Venice. 08/06/15

My second time to Venice proved just as beautiful as the first. Just as I walked out of the train-station I was once again amazed by the view, and I do believe I gasped a little.

In many ways Venice is like big amusement-park; the Gondola-rides with the sailors all dressed up, the vendors selling souvenirs, and all the tourists in the streets. To me, Venice does not seem real. It feels like Im in an imaginary world, or maybe a filmset. With no cars, only boats, and streets so narrow you can barely squeeze through.

While talking by canals, past vendors, and among lost tourists I realized I found peace. The streets may be filled, but my mind were calm, and my heart filled with love.

We got lost. We got lost in the narrow streets, past the small bridges, under the dresses hung to dry in the sun. We found a lonely pier, and while sitting there watching the boats come and go, it felt like life was just as its supposed to be.



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